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heavyocity mosaic pluck review
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Heavyocity – Mosaic Pluck (Review)

Mosaic Pluck is Heavyocity’s latest addition to its popular Mosaic Series, a line of virtual instruments built around what the company finds inspiring about a specific musical element. Combining vintage synths, organic attack layers, and a range of sampled instruments (including plucked strings, harps, processed chimes, and thumb pianos), Mosaic Pluck delivers all the dynamic plucked sources you’ll need to cut through even the densest mix.

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Thinkspace Education – Learn Music Theory (Course Review)

When I was in college I briefly considered switching my degree from communication to music composition. But that dream was quickly squashed by a humiliating experience with an intimidating, white-haired old music theory professor. Luckily, Thinkspace-founder Guy Michelmore had a similar experience and decided to do something about it, thus creating the online course Learn Music Theory.