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Thinkspace Education – Learn Music Theory (Course Review)

When I was in college I briefly considered switching my degree from communication to music composition. But that dream was quickly squashed by a humiliating experience with an intimidating, white-haired old music theory professor. Luckily, Thinkspace-founder Guy Michelmore had a similar experience and decided to do something about it, thus creating the online course Learn Music Theory.

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Spitfire Audio – Abbey Road One (Review)

Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations is Spitfire Audio’s very first collaboration with the iconic British Abbey Road Studios. It seeks to capture the highly-praised sound that Studio One has infused countless orchestral film soundtracks with. This includes featuring the same players, instruments, microphones, and gear that was used on scores by film composer greats like John Williams, Howard Shore, or Alan Silvestri.