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Big Fish Audio – Unleashed: Epic Trailers (Review)

In cinematic music production, the tools, sounds, and sample libraries at one’s disposal can dramatically shape the final output. One such powerhouse tool is Unleashed: Epic Trailers, a sample library created in a collaboration between Sample Factory and Big Fish Audio. This comprehensive review delves into the many features of this 14 GB+ library, exploring its sound quality, practical applications, and overall value in producing epic, trailer-worthy tracks.


Unleashed: Epic Trailers is designed as a cinematic music toolkit, hosting an expansive 15 construction kits inspired by blockbuster films and AAA games such as Dune, The Avengers, The Batman, and Matrix: Resurrections, among others. Each kit within the library is packed with a variety of instruments, including strings, horns, choirs, percussion, and synthetic textures, structured in a multi-track layout. Each kit is also split into various arrangement segments labeled from A to J. This design allows users to either follow the predefined structure of the track or mix and match sections to suit their creative needs.

The library not only accommodates a broad spectrum of musical instruments but also includes a range of one-shots, risers, and percussive hits, essential for adding dramatic transitions and climaxes to any cinematic piece. Compatibility is broad, with formats available for nearly all major DAWs through Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, and REX files, ensuring that Unleashed: Epic Trailers integrates seamlessly into various production workflows.


The sound quality of Unleashed: Epic Trailers is nothing short of impressive. Recorded in 24-bit, the samples and loops sound powerful, clear, and vibrant, providing a solid foundation for high-quality productions. The strings resonate with lush vibrancy, horns exude grandeur, and the choirs add a hauntingly beautiful layer of depth to the mix. The synthetic elements, such as synth leads, arps, and pads, blend well with the organic sounds, creating rich, textured layers that feel both modern and timeless.

The library’s strengths are most notable in its dynamic range and expressive capabilities. From the softest whisper of violins to the smashing impact of percussive hits, “Unleashed” offers a breadth of dynamics that can evoke a wide range of emotional responses, essential for impactful trailer music.

The library’s 15 construction kits are meticulously crafted to cater to a broad spectrum of cinematic styles, ensuring versatility and depth. Each kit is not merely a collection of sounds but a well-thought-out musical piece in its own right, with an ensemble of musical elements that seamlessly blend. This makes them highly adaptable to various thematic needs.

These construction kits evoke specific atmospheres and moods, ranging from the tense undercurrents typical of suspenseful dramas to the high-energy, pounding sequences found in action thrillers. This variety allows composers to tap into the emotional core of a movie trailer, whether it calls for subtlety and nuance or demands an all-out sonic assault.

For instance, one kit might feature a slow-building string section paired with soft, ominous percussion, perfect for scenes requiring a sense of anticipation or foreboding. Another kit could unleash a barrage of bold brass and powerful drums, ideal for an action-packed climax where every beat heightens the viewer’s anticipation.


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When put to the test in a practical setting, Unleashed: Epic Trailers demonstrates its versatility and ease of use. The logical segmentation of tracks and the inclusion of MIDI files for each kit allow the user to modify and customize the included sounds. Whether it’s tweaking a single note in a melody or re-arranging an entire chord progression, the spectrum of control is comprehensive.

The inclusion of MIDI data for each instrument in every construction kit within the sample library presents a valuable learning tool for aspiring composers interested in orchestration and arrangement. The MIDI files offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at how professional soundtracks are constructed, providing insight into the layering, timing, and interaction between different instruments.

By having access the MIDI files, composers can study the intricacies of each arrangement—how strings are layered under brass to create depth, or how percussion patterns are designed to build tension and release. This hands-on approach allows learners to modify the existing compositions, experiment with altering harmonic structures, and understand the impact of rhythmic changes. Moreover, aspiring composers can use these MIDI tracks as a foundation for their own creations, applying the principles of cinematic scoring learned from Unleashed to develop original pieces. This not only enhances their understanding of scoring for trailers but also helps in developing a personal style within the framework of cinematic music. This educational aspect adds significant value to the library, making it not just a tool for professional production but also a platform for growth and learning in the field of cinematic music composition.

Unleashed: Epic Trailers – Arrangement

For producers working within specific DAW environments, the additional tagging and compatibility features such as those for Apple Logic or Garageband, and the Acidized WAV files for DAWs like Ableton Live and Pro Tools, make workflow integration straightforward and efficient. Furthermore, Big Fish Audio’s free Momentum plugin, which we will talk about in a second, extends the utility of the library dramatically, offering advanced sound manipulation features and creative control.


As we dive deeper into the capabilities of Unleashed: Epic Trailers, it’s essential to highlight a powerful companion plugin that enhances the utility of this sample library: Momentum. This free plugin from Big Fish Audio is designed to give music producers everything they need to manipulate loops and samples within a single toolkit.

Momentum includes a fully integrated browser system, simplifying the process of accessing, previewing, and managing sound packs and samples from Big Fish Audio. If you own multiple Big Fish Audio libraries, Momentum enables you to manage their vast array of sounds very efficiently.

Momentum Plugin – Mixer View

Momentum’s primary appeal lies in its seamless integration with any DAW and a user-friendly interface. Compatible with both WAV and AIFF files, the plugin allows users to drag and drop samples directly into the engine for instant access. Momentum synchronizes automatically with the host DAW’s tempo and key, ensuring that loops play along perfectly with ongoing projects. This feature is particularly beneficial as it enables producers to quickly integrate loops and samples into their scores without tedious manual adjustments.

At the heart of Momentum is its advanced slice-based manipulation system. This tool allows every slice of a sample to be edited independently, providing a granular level of control that is crucial for detailed sound design. Producers can apply a variety of effects to individual slices or the entire instrument track, including reverb, pitch adjustments, pan changes, stutters, phaser, distortion, and delay.

Momentum Plugin – Slice View

Momentum doesn’t just offer traditional effects, though. The plugin also boasts creative playback modes like beat, stretch, loop, reverse, and boomerang. The shot mode, in particular, transforms any loop into a virtual sampler, opening up vast creative possibilities. When used in conjunction with Unleashed: Epic Trailers, these features allow for transforming “standard” orchestral samples into unique hybrid soundscapes.

Additionally, the plugin’s MIDI input support further enhances its versatility, making it a sample playback engine close to Kontakt or similar software samplers. The MIDI functionality allows music producers to play and manipulate samples through their DAW’s MIDI editor for even deeper customization.


Unleashed: Epic Trailers is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to produce powerful cinematic music. The sheer variety of sounds, combined with high-quality recordings and deep customization options, makes it a standout choice in the crowded market of sound libraries. Whether for trailers, film, television, or game production, this library offers the tools needed to create compelling, dynamic scores that can captivate and engage audiences.

For professionals looking to elevate their production quality or beginners seeking to make a strong start in the world of cinematic music, Unleashed offers a blend of quality, versatility, and inspiration that is hard to surpass. Its capabilities enable creators not just to construct music from existing building blocks, but to craft stories through sound, making it a valuable addition to any media composer’s arsenal. Combined with the powerful features of the free Momentum plugin, this library represents a treasure trove of resources for modern composers, fostering an environment where creativity meets technology in the service of epic storytelling.

Unleashed: Epic Trailers is available for $129.95 through the Big Fish Audio online shop. You can choose between the multi-format audio version and the Momentum-powered version of the library.

Edit: During Big Fish Audio’s Spring Sale, Unleashed: Epic Trailers is available for only $64.98.


  • Variety of instruments
  • High-quality sounds
  • MIDI tracks for each instrument
  • Highly customizable through Momentum
  • Broad compatibility


  • Initial cost may put off aspiring beginners




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