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Out Now: BLAST – Cinematic Explosions

We’re excited to introduce BLAST – Cinematic Explosions, our latest Epicomposer-exclusive sample library tailored for video editors, filmmakers, and audio professionals. This new sound pack is designed to enhance your audiovisual projects with high-quality, dynamic explosion effects that add intensity and depth to any action scene.

BLAST – Cinematic Explosions brings you 200 professional-grade sound effects in total. From the softest rumbles to the most devastating explosions, each sound is provided in high-definition audio, recorded and mastered at 24bit/48kHz to ensure top quality in your productions.


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Ideal for various audio-visual projects, BLAST can dramatically enhance action sequences in films, trailers, and video games. Whether you want to add impact to an action scene or create a visceral moment in a video game, these sounds offer versatile applications in any media production. BLAST includes 7 different sound categories including explosions, gunshots, whooshes, booms, risers, tonal textures, and signature sounds.

Each sound in the BLAST library is available in three distinct variations, providing versatility and depth to your sound design palette:

  • Ambient: This variation enhances the spatial attributes of the original sounds using high-quality reverbs and subtle stereo-widening techniques. It’s ideally suited for adding atmospheric depth to large-scale visuals and epic battle scenes.
  • Crunch: For sounds that pack a punch, the Crunch variation offers a heavily saturated and compressed take on the original recordings, achieved through top-tier analog saturation. These sounds are perfect for aggressive action sequences and intense combat scenarios.
  • Warm: The Warm variation provides a darker, more subdued tone by carefully filtering out high frequencies. This variation is particularly effective for trailer intros and creating moody, understated soundscapes.



BLAST – Cinematic Explosions is the culmination of several years of dedicated field recordings and studio refinement. Our journey began with capturing a wide range of explosive sounds—from fireworks and rockets to firecrackers and various flammable materials. These raw recordings were then meticulously processed and creatively layered, transforming them into the complex, cinema-quality explosive effects you hear today.

Beyond typical explosions and impact sound, we also explored more experimental sound design by transforming some of our fireworks recordings into tonal textures, chilling risers, and distinctive signature sounds. This variety provides a broad spectrum of intense audio effects designed to elevate any production.


BLAST – Cinematic Explosions is now available for download at an introductory price of $59/€59/£59  for a limited time. Existing users of our MONUMENT library will receive an additional 10% off as a loyalty discount, details of which will be provided via email to those who are eligible.

Discover how BLAST – Cinematic Explosions can enhance your cinematic sound design. Visit our product page to hear more and take your projects to the next level with our professional-quality sounds.


What software is compatible with BLAST?

BLAST works seamlessly with any major digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports WAV files.

Can I use these sounds for commercial projects?

Yes, all sounds are royalty-free, allowing you to use them in both personal and commercial projects without any additional licensing fees. For detailed information about which uses are included in your product license, please check out our End User License Agreement.

I have another question, how can I contact you?

For any inquiries or further information, feel free to get in touch through our contact form.