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Strymon – BigSky Plugin (Review)

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality audio effects pedals, Strymon has earned a reputation for producing innovative and top-notch guitar and studio effects. One of their most popular offerings is the BigSky reverb pedal, which has been widely praised for its stunning reverb sounds and versatility. Now, Strymon has taken their BigSky pedal to the digital realm with the release of the BigSky plugin.

ujam finisher header
Featured Plugins & Software Reviews

ujam – Finisher Bundle (Review)

UJAM’s Finisher series is a line of unique FX plugins which combine a multitude of different effects chains and processors under the hood of a simple and straightforward user interface. Designed to make plain instrument and vocal tracks pop out without the need of adjusting complicated plugin chains, the Finisher plugins provide you with an inspiring toolbox of sound design options, ranging from cool and subtle to crazy and furious.

softube amp room review
Featured Plugins & Software Reviews

Softube – Amp Room (Review)

Today we’re having a look at Softube’s new guitar amp simulation plugin Amp Room, together with its first expansion, the Marshall Amp & Cabinet Collection.
Featuring 6 amplifiers, 16 cabinets, 10 effects pedals, 3 studio effects, 8 utility modules, Amp Room offers a luxurious virtual recording studio that is equally accessible for both aspiring newcomers and veteran guitar and bass enthusiasts.