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Heavyocity – Fury (Review)

Heavyocity has released Fury, a flexible and versatile distortion effects plugin. Besides being great for cinematic sound design, if you’re a guitarist, it might even replace your favorite stomp boxes. Designed to be fun and intuitive, Fury’s modular approach blends multiple distortions into one, easy-to-use plugin. Let’s check out together what Fury is all about!

Heavyocity kindly provided us with a copy of Fury for this review. 


Over 100 presets with over 700 possible combinations are presented in a clean and user-friendly interface. The presets are arranged by instrument and use type – from keys to bass, drums, guitar, and synth to offer a huge variety of distortion types.

The resizable screen and modular UI are very easy to navigate. You can get to almost all the controls without having to play “hide and seek” with your mouse. You can also learn more about each distortion type by hovering over its icon to reveal an information box. 

Heavyocity Fury – GUI

Access to various controls like gate, feedback, and pre/post distortion EQs let you customize the sound further. You can give synth lines a beefy and aggressive crunch, add more thump and punch to bass lines, and bring more energy and drive to drums. You can also shape, mangle and add movement to sounds to create interesting rhythmic effects.

Fury also offers a demo version that runs for 15 minutes at a time.


  • 128 Expertly-Crafted Presets in 6 Categories
    • Essentials, Drums, Experimental, Guitars and Bass, Keys and Synths, and Rhythmic
  • 29 unique drive and distortion modules
  • Shape page for full control
  • Modulation page to add movement with LFO, ENV follow and Step Sequencer
  • Plug-in Formats (64-bit only):
    • AAX, VST3, and Audio Units (AU)


  • System Requirements:
    • Mac: OS X 10.15.7 or later (Intel and Silicon compatible)
    • Windows: Windows 10 or later
    • *Internet connection is required to activate
  • Supported Host Applications:
    • Pro Tools 2020+, Live 10+, Cubase 12+, Logic Pro X, DP10+, Cakewalk, Bitwig


Fury’s interface consists of three main pages – “Modules”, “Shape” and “Mod”, each of which offer different controls to customize a selected distortion effect.

The main drive control is a gain control with supporting movement, tone, and mix controls. There are also options to invert the phase and use parallel processing. A dropdown list sends the signal down several paths – Through, Hard Clip, Soft Clip, or Limit.

Heavyocity Fury – Presets

The Modules page offers eight options for Drive Mode, fifteen for Distortion, and six for Tone. Drive Mode works almost like a pre-amp, letting you set the character of the distortion before you assign it a specific type. Distortion Mode covers each specific distortion type. These distortion types are modeled after the saturation characteristics of various tubes and diodes as well as classic guitar pedals, mixing consoles, and tape machines. Tone Mode offers up a variety of different EQ options and filters, including a bitcrusher and a Big Muff guitar pedal-style tone stack.

Every Heavyocity release needs a big knob, and Fury is no exception! In the case of Fury, we’re presented with an animated Drive knob that is very useful. It gives you a good idea of how much the plugin is affecting your sound.

Heavyocity Fury – Shape Tab

The Shape Tab lets you shape your sound further giving you the ability to edit different parameters. These include Stereo, Gate, Input/EQ, Character (big changes to this control can introduce feedback), and a Cleanup/Shrillness control that lets you remove muddy and shrill frequencies.

Heavyocity Fury – Mod Tab

The Mod tab features three modulation effects that allow you to create interesting rhythmic effects. This includes an Envelope follower, LFO, and a 16-step Sequencer that syncs to your DAW’s host tempo. This is great for mangling drum sounds to create excellent rhythmic effects.

One thing I did notice on the UI was that there were no numerical values on the input and output sliders. It would also be nice to have an internal bypass switch to easily A/B sounds as you create them.


Fury blends all sorts of different distortion effects into one easy-to-use, great-sounding plugin which could conceivably replace a whole collection of stomp boxes. The super-clean UI is easy to navigate with lots of interesting sound-shaping controls. Besides a few minor UI nits, the only downside is that mid to heavy distortions have a big difference in the output level. It would be great if there was a way to easily compensate levels between presets, something like a level-matching feature for example. But overall Fury is a great addition to every sound designer’s arsenal.


  • 100 Presets with over 700 possible combinations
  • User-friendly and well-designed UI
  • Clean, crisp sound is great for cinematic sound design


  • No automatic output compensation between presets
  • No numerical values on input and output sliders
  • No internal bypass button


Fury by Heavocity is available as a download through Heavyocity’s online shop. During the plugin’s introductory sale, Fury is priced at $99 (regular price: $119).



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Heavyocity Fury – Preset Playthrough

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