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Unleash Your Creativity in the Trailer Music Challenge 2023 by AVA Music Group

Calling all trailer music producers, composers, and sound designers! AVA Music Group just announced their Trailer Music Challenge 2023, where you have the chance to showcase your talent and make an impact in the world of trailer music. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of creativity and innovation as you compose the perfect score to captivate audiences worldwide.


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AVA Music Group, a creative brand that creates cinematic sample libraries, invites aspiring artists and seasoned professionals alike to participate in the Trailer Music Challenge 2023. This competition offers an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate your skills in creating music that enhances the emotional impact and narrative of a cinematic trailer.


To participate, visit the official AVA Music Group website and download the competition’s media kit. Once downloaded, you’ll gain access to a specially curated library of sounds to use as well as some video footage. The video footage serves as the canvas for your musical composition. Immerse yourself in the clip, drawing inspiration from the visuals and storyline, and create a compelling soundtrack that truly elevates the overall trailer experience.

Using only the sounds provided in the media kit, your task is to create a 1-minute trailer piece. You’re free to process the provided sounds however you like and you can use third-party sounds for percussion.

When you’re done with your composition, upload and post your video clip on Instagram or Youtube using the hashtag #AVAtrailerchallenge2023 in the title. In order to qualify, you’ll also need to follow @avamusicgroup on Instagram.

The competition is open until June 25th. Winners will be announced on June 25th.


AVA Music Group will evaluate each entry based on various criteria, including originality, creativity, emotional impact, and technical proficiency. The winners will not only receive recognition for their outstanding work but also have the chance to win $1,000 in audio goodies.

AVA Music Group has put together a remarkable prize package for the 3 top contenders. The winners will be rewarded with studio equipment and music production software:

1st Place: SHURE SM7B and ALL Ava Music Group libraries

2nd Place: Win 3 AVA Music Group libraries of your choice

3rd Place: Win 1 AVA Music Group library of your choice


The Trailer Music Challenge 2023 by AVA Music Group is an exciting platform for composers and sound designers to showcase their skills, win prizes and connect with other composers.

If you want to join the competition, head over to AVA Music Group’s website, download the media kit, and let your talent soar. Get ready to create, innovate, and make your mark in the Trailer Music Challenge 2023!