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Colossal Trailer Music Releases New Album ‘Zeitgeist’

colossal trailer music zeitgeist

Just recently, renowned trailer music publishing company Colossal Trailer Music released a new compilation album called Zeitgeist. Featuring a bunch of international talent, Zeitgeist offers a collection of dark and edgy hybrid orchestral sound-design cues.

Seizing on the sound of recent video game releases like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Zeitgeist provides a mixture of aggressive synth elements, heroic string and brass arrangements as well as brooding and dramatic tonal backgrounds.

In fact, the album art, which is created by composer and graphic artist Ryo Ishido, heavily resembles the visual style of the Metal Gear Solid franchise which can be taken as a hint towards what’s inside, I guess.

Zeitgeist features a roster of high profile trailer music composers, including Nick Road, Cody Still, Ciaran Birch, Kevin Sargent, Daniel Beijbom, Mattia Turzo, Joshua Crispin (Generdyn), Sergey Azbel, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Christoph Allerstorfer, Martin Hasseldam, Martin Cap, Kyle Booth, and Hybrid Chronicles – most of which already placed their tracks in AAA Hollywood blockbuster and video game campaigns.

I was lucky enough to work alongside Sergey (Azbel) on our track “The Watchers”. He wrote nearly the whole track and I added some hits, risers and some choir – he absolutely crushed it! I think people are going to love Zeitgeist!

-Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn (Battlefield 1 , Star Wars, Dr. Strange)

Below, you’ll find a full preview video of the album and a corresponding track list shared by Colossal Trailer Music.


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01. 00:00 – Vindicator 02. 00:19 – Helios 03. 00:43 – Zeitgeist 04. 01:09 – The Last Knight 05. 01:27 – Reclamation 06. 01:57 – Becoming Human 07. 02:22 – Antigen 08. 02:54 – Red Menace 09. 03:10 – Vulture 10. 03:24 – The Undercity 11. 03:56 – Reconnaissance 12. 04:22 – Ink Sky 13. 04:43 – Manic Empire 14. 05:00 – Alpha Killer 15. 05:21 – Corrupter 16. 05:49 – Flesh Eaters 17. 06:26 – Fragmented Reality 18. 07:02 – Freedom Fighters 19. 07:22 – Calamity 20. 07:51 – Panic Button 21. 08:26 – Enzuigiri 22. 08:44 – The Watchers 23. 09:24 – Valkyrie Rise 24. 09:44 – Emphasis 25. 09:55 – Avenged 26. 10:17 – The Devil Knows 27. 10:46 – From Heaven To Hell

‘Zeitgeist’ is published by the SPM Music Group and is currently available for the industry only.

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