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What Type of Composer Are You? (Quiz)

Are you curious about your unique style as a composer? Whether you’re scoring for films, games, or epic trailers, understanding your composing personality can help elevate your music to new heights. That’s why we’ve created the “What Type of Composer Are You?” personality quiz—designed specifically for trailer music composers, film and game composers, and sound designers like you!

Why Take the Quiz?

In cinematic music production, every composer has a distinct voice. Some thrive on creating powerful, adrenaline-pumping scores, while others excel in crafting deeply emotional and nuanced pieces. This quiz will help you identify your strengths, preferences, and unique style, guiding you toward your next great composition.

What to Expect

The quiz consists of 10 thought-provoking questions that delve into your musical preferences, compositional techniques, and creative processes. From epic action sequences to haunting atmospheric pieces, we’ll explore the full spectrum of cinematic music to pinpoint your specific style.

How do you typically describe your composing style?

What's your favorite part of the scoring process?

What's your preferred method of collaboration?

How do you approach sound design in your compositions?

What genre do you enjoy composing for the most?

How do you usually start a new composition?

Which iconic film composer inspires you the most?

When working on a project, what's your biggest challenge?

Which instrument do you find yourself using most often?

How do you handle dynamic changes in your compositions?

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Share and Connect

Once you’ve discovered your composing style, don’t keep it to yourself! Share your results with friends and colleagues on social media. Connect with other composers who share your style and learn from those who bring a different perspective to the table. Use the hashtag #EpicomposerQuiz to join the conversation!