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Evenant releases Orchestral Sketching Course

evenant orchestral sketching course

Online learning platform Evenant just released a new mini-course called Orchestral Sketching. Orchestral Sketching – Accelerate Your Composing Speed is a 5-hour long video workshop hosted by composer, tutor, and Evenant co-founder Arn Andersson.

Evenant’s new course focuses on the creation of orchestral mock-ups and how you can kickstart your creative output as a composer. Orchestral Sketching takes you through the process of setting up an efficient orchestral template, choosing the right sample libraries for the task and on how to process your production to achieve a blockbuster sound.

I’ve had a first look at the course to find out about its content with you and how Orchestral Sketching fits in between Evenant’s other music production online courses.

Orchestral Sketching course teaser


Orchestral Sketching is an online course hosted on the video tutorial platform Teachable. By enrolling in the course, you receive lifetime access to the videos and course material. The 5 hours of video lessons are segmented into 4 modules which cover the entire process of creating a professional orchestral sketch. In between the modules, a series of voluntary assignments help to consolidate what you’ve learned so far. According to the creators, Orchestral Sketching serves as a great accompaniment to Evenant’s comprehensive course Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording as it offers a familiar but different approach.

These are some of the highlights of Orchestral Sketching’s video lessons:

  • Learn how to set up an effective sketching template from scratch
  • Learn how to create full orchestral themes in minutes
  • Achieve more defined and much clearer musical themes
  • Get better at writing melodies, chords, and background elements
  • Turn any theme idea into a full composition structure with ease
  • Try multiple musical ideas before committing to one

In the following, we will have a quick look at Orchestral Sketching’s 4 learning modules.

Module 1: Introduction To Orchestral Sketching

The course begins with some basic knowledge on orchestral sketching and on getting into the right mindset to create music quickly. Module 1 focuses on why a professional sounding sketch is important for the modern composer and which principles are most essential to make it all work. Arn also spotlights how the ability to write orchestral sketches fast impacted his work and career.

Module 1: Introduction To Orchestral Sketching

Module 2: Preparing Our Sketching Tools

The second module of Orchestral Sketching, dives right into the practical aspect of putting together a sketching template to get ready to work. Topics include general considerations for setting up your template and picking the best libraries and patches for your sketch. You can follow tutor Arn when he demonstrates a step-by-step setup of instruments for his sketching template and how he goes about balancing everything for a professional sounding mix.

When everything is set up, you will learn how to process your instruments to achieve a powerful and clean sound right from the beginning. After that, it’s time to test-drive the new template by recording the first musical idea.

Module 2: Preparing Our Sketching Tools

Module 3: Basics Of An Effective Sketch

The third chapter deals with important techniques that make an orchestral sketch stand out. You will learn essential arrangement principles you can apply to create a solid orchestration. Arn also shows you how to test-run different musical ideas and variations of a theme to stay inspired.

After picking your favorite theme and transferring it to the instruments of the sketching template, you will learn how to structure and arrange a simple theme into a full composition using simple, effective composition methods.

Module 3: Basics Of An Effective Sketch

Module 4: From Theme Ideas To Full Tracks (Bonus)

After learning the fundamental aspects of creating solid orchestral sketches, tutor Arn grants an over-the-shoulder look on how he creates 3 full thematic orchestral sketches from scratch.

For each sketch, the initial idea sparks from a different origin like a simple chord progression, a piano pattern or a melody.

evenant orchestral sketching course module 4
Module 4: From Theme Ideas To Full Tracks (Bonus)


Below you can have a look at Orchestral Sketching’s full course structure:

Orchestral Sketching course outline


Orchestral Sketching is available through Evenant’s online store at an introductory price of $149 (regular price: $199). As a student enrolled in Evenant’s comprehensive Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording course, you’re eligible for a special loyalty price of $99.

The purchase comes with lifetime access to the material as well as a 30-day moneyback guarantee in case you shouldn’t find what you were hoping for.


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