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How To Create Cinematic Trailer Music

how to create cinematic trailer music

As part of the promotional campaign for our very first cinematic trailer sound design sample library MONUMENT, I’ve created a hard-hitting trailer music track to accompany our video (which just reached over 1.1 million views on Youtube by the way!!). Since so many of you asked how I did it and wanted to know which sounds I used for the track, I’ve come up with the following tutorial on how to create cinematic trailer music.


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Hey, we’re celebrating 1,000,000 views of our MONUMENT trailer video over on Youtube. One million freaking views is such an incredible number and something we could have never imagined. That’s why we want to say THANK YOU for all of your support and inspiration with our 25% sale on MONUMENT & MONUMENT Pro. For only a short amount of time, we’re offering both libraries at a very reduced price so if you’ve been waiting to get your copy – now is the time!


Not sure if MONUMENT might be for you? Go ahead and download your FREE Try Pack including 20 sounds from the original sound library!

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