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Performance Samples Releases Oceania II

performance samples oceania ii release

With Oceania II, Performance Samples just released the sequel to their powerful and highly popular symphonic choir library Oceania. The new Oceania II is created with fast, thematic writing in mind and improves upon the original version by doubling the ensemble size to 100 singers, adding new and more sung syllables, and offering additional release speeds for extra authenticity.


When the original Oceania came out, it quickly became an absolute go-to choir library among many cinematic and trailer music composers. Featuring a reasonable file size and CPU footprint paired with a massive mixed symphonic choir sound, Oceania made it a joy pumping up your arrangements with powerful vocals in the style of Two Steps From Hell and alike.

Just recently, Performance Samples released Oceania II, the original library’s successor which seeks to improve upon the tried-and-tested concept of the first edition. Oceania II doubles the ensemble size of the original version from 48 to 100 female and male singers, making it sound even more impressive and perfectly suited for epic orchestral music. The new sample library also adds a variety of other new features, including an updated set of sung syllables as well as two speeds of release samples. Both features allow for more flexibility in programming and faster phrasing.

Take a look at the feature overview of Oceania II:

  • 100 singers (50 women and 50 men, recorded separately)
  • Twelve syllables
  • Two speeds of releases which trigger depending on your playing speed (allowing more fluent fast phrases)
  • Created using phrases chopped out of connected performances
  • Two release suffix types (per speed): normal and ones ending in “-s”
  • Recorded in a hall with 2 mic positions (close and decca)
  • 48kHz / 24bit
  • NCW-compressed, ~3.58 GB total
  • Built for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
  • Download via Continuata app


Here is a collection of audio demos for Oceania II, composed by Performance Samples founder and Oceania II creator Jasper Blunk:

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Oceania II is available as a digital download through the Performance Samples online store. The sample library is on a loyalty intro pricing of $99 if you own the original Oceania, $149 for those who don’t already own Oceania. The intro pricing ends on October 9th, after which the full price of Oceania II will be $219.

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