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Audio software deals platform VSTBuzz just launched a massive 50% deal on Soundiron’s epic percussion library Apocalypse Elements. Apocalypse Elements is a slimmed-down, compact version of the company’s 25GB flagship percussion instrument Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble and features over 40 different drums, over 100 articulations, deep dynamic layering and 8 round-robin variations per velocity.


Apocalypse Elements contains thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, roaring ensemble and solo toms of all sizes, a massive 8-member snare ensemble and 6 different solo snares ranging from deep 14” wooden bodied snares all the way down to tiny 5” effect snares, ethnic drums of all shapes and sizes, crashes, splashes, cymbals, gongs, Tibetan finger cymbals and much more.

Here’s a full patch list of Apocalypse Elements:

Solo Elements

  • 6 Snares
  • 2 Bass Drums
  • Bongos
  • Cajon
  • 2 Dhol Drums
  • 4 Frame Drums
  • 2 Floor Toms
  • 2 Low Toms
  • 2 High Toms
  • 4 Rototoms
  • Ride Sticks
  • Ride Mallets
  • Splashes
  • Crashes
  • China & FX
  • Gong
  • Hi-Hat
  • Ting Shag

Ensemble Elements

  • Snares
  • Bass Drums
  • Assorted Low Toms
  • Assorted High Toms
  • Doumbeks
  • Dhols
  • Riqs
  • Frame Drums
  • Sticks
  • Cymbals

Soundiron – Apocalypse Elements Audio Demos

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Due to the close microphone setup, Apocalypse Elements features a punchy, rich sound. With a massive range of drums and cymbals to choose from, ranging from small solo drums and cymbals to large ensembles you’re getting a very flexible library perfect for, but not limited to:

  • Underscore – light underscore music or more powerful booming tracks
  • Cinematic – big, huge sounding epic trailer music and cinematic tracks
  • Rock – ambient rock, heavy rock and everything in between
  • Pop  add some light or heavy drums or cymbals to any pop track
  • Anything that requires some up-close small or large percussion

If you want to get an instant percussion track going, just use the included 400 MIDI grooves to get you started or build your own from scratch.


Until January 18th, you can get Soundiron’s Apocalypse Elements for just $51.00 instead of its regular price of $99.00. To take advantage of the 50% discount, all you have to do is to head over to VSTBuzz and grab your own version of the Apocalypse Elements library.



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