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AVA Music Group – UNITY Modern Trailer Synth (Review)

AVA Music Group is back with a brand new sample library: UNITY Modern Trailer Synth. The France-based sound design team has been creating a catalog of well-received trailer music and cinematic sound effects libraries for years. The company’s newest chapter, UNITY Modern Trailer Synth, not only offers a full suite of gripping sound but also features comprehensive sound shaping capabilities, geared towards the modern media composer.


UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is a sample-based synthesizer engine with three distinct sound layers. The instrument features 350 source samples and 250 unique, pre-designed patches. The sounds of UNITY were created in collaboration with sound designer Maxime Perrot (also known as WyKid), a composer that has been working on high-profile blockbuster trailers for several years now. The library focuses on aggressive hybrid synth sounds and effects and includes a variety of sound categories: leads, bass, braams, downers and risers, pulses, brass, plucks, textures, as well as several classic synthesis waveforms (sine/saw/triangle/square).

After the installation and activation through the Native Access app, the library requires about 600 MB of hard drive space.


UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is NKS-compatible and runs on Native Instruments Kontakt 7.  The library is also compatible with the free Kontakt 7 Player, which is good news to users that do not (yet) own the full, paid version of Kontakt.

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth Interface

The interface looks very sleek, minimalist, and modern. The developers have chosen an intuitive, graphical interface that works based on the following principles. The 3 colored envelope shapes in the center of the UI represent the 3 synth/sample sources that hold a freely assignable source sound each. Users can mix and layer these 3 sounds together to create and customize unique synth sounds.

Each layer or sound slot serves as a particular building block for a complex sound. The 3 layers are separated into a synthesizer sound layer, a texture layer, and a wavetable layer that can add classic analog synth sound to the mix. Much like a regular synthesizer, little cursors on each graphic representation of a layer are used to adjust the shape and length of the sound: attack, decay, sustain, and release. Each layer also has its own volume slider, FX slot, and sample selection, accessible through the lower section of the interface.

On the bottom left, the so-called Identity Pad is used to smoothly control the balance of the 3 layers, similar to an XY pad. An assignable mod wheel can control various parameters such as EQ, filtering, and layer blending, all very useful for live performances or MIDI automation.

On the bottom right, the lightning bolt-shaped Attitude slider allows you to add tube-style compression to give your sound more grip and add some additional aggressiveness to the mix.

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth Attitude Page

Lastly, the Shape icon opens a secondary control page that holds advanced settings. Here you can precisely control each layer’s filtering and effect settings. Available effects include saturation, reverb, delay, and movement.

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth Shape Page


If you know the AVA Music Group, you know that their products generally sound massive and powerful. Fortunately, UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is no exception. The instrument’s aggressive sounds make it a perfect tool for creating trailer music, hybrid orchestral music, and even electronic dance music. The available range of source sounds and presets provided is huge, providing you with everything from classic trailer braams to atmospheric textures and ticking clock samples. AVA Music Group clearly knows how modern trailer music should and with UNITY, managed to cover the genre‘s essential sound categories.

Although UNITY does not support the import of user sounds (yet), the factory source sounds are nicely varied and distinct enough to keep you busy for a long time. AVA Music Group has already demonstrated with their last libraries that they are very selective with the samples they include, which makes the majority of their libraries conveniently compact in size but extremely relevant in daily use. Using the clearly structured interface to customize and layer different synth samples is quick, easy, and fun. Although the library is clearly focused on the trailer music genre, a lot of the included sound material could perfectly be used for EDM or even some hard-hitting metal tracks.

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The 250 unique presets sound wonderfully processed and punchy, which gives the UNITY a polished modern feel. Using the aforementioned controls and settings, producers can shape their own sounds as they see fit, putting them on certain parts of the sound spectrum depending on the musical context. 

I found many potential favorites in these presets: I particularly liked the hybrid pulses for their tight and punchy characteristics and low-end push. The atmospheric presets also stand out beautifully, with many of them reminding me of the otherworldly soundscapes created by Daft Punk or M83. The lead synth presets are extremely powerful as well and feature extensive saturation to cut through dense mixes easily. The bass and 808 presets sound very tight and massive as well. All in all, it is very easy to see that the AVA Music Group took great care in creating and curating these presets to give composers as many effective options to use as possible.


AVA Music Group is back again with an excellent sample library. Focused on the aggressive and hybrid acoustic side of trailer music, Unity Modern Trailer Synth is a great addition to any media composer’s toolkit. The selection of sound sources offered is absolutely spot-on for scoring big, cinematic trailers and promos. The presets are numerous and boy do they pack a punch!

The sample library’s engine allows for extensive tweaking and sound shaping, which makes the whole user experience feel very close to working with a proper synthesizer. The interface’s graphic layout is clean and tidy and makes UNITY an instrument that is very easy to work with.

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is priced very attractively at $86 during the intro promo and will go up to a regular price of €116 once the promo ends.

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is an excellent addition to any trailer composer’s palette and gets a clear recommendation from us.



  • Powerful, big sounds
  • Great selection of source samples
  • Very affordable price
  • NKS compatible with the free Kontakt Player


  • No user sample import as of now
  • Envelope controls on the main page are a bit fiddly

UNITY Modern Trailer Synth is available for $86 (regular price $116) during the product‘s intro promotion through AVA Music Group’s online shop.



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