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Colossal Trailer Music Releases Supernova

colossal trailer music supernova

Concluding a very successful year, Colossal Trailer Music just released a brand-new trailer music album named ‘Supernova’.

Supernova is an epic, dramatic, and emotional orchestral album with songs that start small and fragile and then build into powerful and epic finales. The album features a rich sonic palette including heroic choirs, lush strings and victorious brass arrangements.

As always, ‘Supernova’ features a remarkable group of international composer including: Torsti Spoof, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Dmitry Mityukhin, Ravenia, Hybrid Chronicles, Christopher Schmidt, Kyle Booth, Alexandre Guiraud, Christoph Allerstorfer, Mathieu Hallouin, Jonathan Mayer, Amir Marcus, Iliya Zaki, Elias Nilsson, Andreas Kübler, Alec Johnson , Ricky Kendall II, Philippe Briand, Gabriel Saban.

 Colossal Trailer Music – Supernova Preview

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“Since every one of our tracks is created by two people, it’s always a treacherous road, but if you’re willing to take that journey it can lead to a beautiful place. This time it led us beyond the stars to Supernova. It is truly an epic compilation beyond this world!” – Ravenia

‘Supernova’s’ spectacular album cover art was created by talented Ryo Ishido-Brighton.

Colossal Trailer Music’s new album is going to be released through SPM Music Group and will for now be published for the industry only.

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