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Junkie XL announces new ‘Gear Of The Week’ series

junkie xl gear of the week

On his social media profiles, renowned Hollywood composer Tom Holkenborg alias Junkie XL just announced a new Youtube series called ‘Gear Of The Week’. In this weekly new series, Junkie XL (Batman V Superman, Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, 300: Rise Of An Empire) will go about different pieces of equipment he uses in his California studio to create his well-known epic soundtracks.

Each video clip is about 1-3 minutes in length, briefly covering how the gear is used and how Junkie XL uses it in his compositional work.

Gear Of The Week Trailer

As you might have seen in the trailer, Tom Holkenborg’s studio is full of elusive hardware and vintage synthesizers. It’s known that he is a big fan and power user of modular synthesizers, so I dare to predict that we will see quite a few episodes on his many hardware synths.

Providing you with a little tours around his studio, Tom shows off his massive collection of hardware synths from the 70s, 80s and today as well as his custom-built piano he used on 300: Rise Of An Empire.

In a previous, 10-episode series of videos called ‘Studio Time With Junkie XL’ the composer went about creating templates, maximizing your workflow and how he created some of his most successful Hollywood scores. I found them tremendously helpful, especially because it’s so rare that you get insight into the working process of a Hollywood blockbuster composer. Apart from being an absolutely likeable character, Junkie XL drops a lot of knowledge and shares quite a few interesting stories.

In case you missed the ‘Studio Time With Junkie XL’ series, I provided you with a link to a playlist with all 10 episodes below:

Studio Time With Junkie XL

I’m thrilled for the start of Junkie XL’s new ‘Gear Of The Week’ series and will definitely keep you updated! In the meantime, make sure to subscripe to Tom Holkenborg’s Youtube channel to not miss a future video.

Article photo by Dirk Kikstra.

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