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Tilman Sillecsu On Writing Lyrical Cello Motifs

tilman sillescu lyrical cello phrases interview

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of Sonuscore‘s brand-new, phrase-based sample library Lyrical Cello Phrases for The Audio Spotlight. Sonuscore’s new take on orchestral sampling enables you to not only incorporate the talent of a world-class cellist into your compositions, but it also allows you to rearrange and combine a wealth of different cello phrase fragments to come up with your very own melody lines. Another magnificent feature of the library is that the phrases were recorded diatonically, thus in each of the 12 root keys, which hugely simplifies the integration of phrases into existing projects.

In a two-part interview, Tilman Sillescu, owner of Award-winning music production company Dynamedion and co-founder of Sonuscore sat down to talk about the effective use of cello in orchestral compositions as well as how a phrase-based sample approach can boost a composer’s creativity.

In the first part of the interview, Tilman Sillescu (Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat X, The Hobbit 2 Trailer, Total War: Warhammer) covers topics like how a cello can be incorporated into an emotional narrative, how you build a compelling bass foundation for your track and some common mistakes, composers tend to do when working with celli.

Tilman Sillescu – The Lyrical Cello Interview Part 1

While the first part of the interview dealt with the use of celli in general, the second part focuses more on the sampling approach Sonuscore went with for Lyrical Cello Phrases and the idea behind the library. Tilman talks about the importance of cutting loose a performer from the metronome in order to receive emotional and inspiring results as well as how using phrase-based products can help a composer boost his/her creativity.

Tilman Sillescu – The Lyrical Cello Interview Part 2

In a third, final video, Sonuscore’s co-founder invites you into his studio to show you his approach of creating music for an actual fantasy video game’s loading screen, using Lyrical Cello Phrases as the main melodic element. Combined with other phrase- and loop-based libraries like Sonuscore’s Emotive Strings and Tongue Sansula, Tilman very quickly comes up with an emotional and appealing underscore.

I hope you enjoyed the little video marathon on how to write compelling, lyrical cello motifs and that you could pick up some useful tips for your own compositions. Let me know your thoughts about composing for cello and phrase-based sample libraries in general in the comments section!

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