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Epic Recreation of Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Apocalypsis Noctis’


Now and then, I like to take songs from film, television series or video games that I really love and try to recreate them solely by ear. Besides this being a very fun thing do, I find the process to be tremendously helpful and inspiring. Really diving into a song, deconstructing it from the inside and analyzing melodic and harmonic structures yields unbelievable insights about another composer’s mind.

I’ve done this a few times already, recreating the main themes of the Batman: Arkham Origins game or Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. This time however, I took a song from a video game franchise I already fell in love with back when I was a kid. I’m talking about the iconic FINAL FANTASY franchise!

A couple of years ago, I already recreated one of my most favorite track from one of my absolute favorite games: Final Fantasy VII‘s ‘Still More Fighting’ – and transformed it into an epic power metal rampage. You can download and listen to my version of ‘ Still More Fighting’ on my Soundcloud:

Ever since a new edition of FINAL FANTASY was announced last year, I obviously went massively aboard the hype train and while waiting desperately for the release, I searched for a way to channel my anticipation. This is when I sat down to listen to FINAL FANTASY XV’S / KINGSGLAIVE soundtrack and found a song, that absolutely stuck with me: ‘Apocalypsis Noctis’. So I sat down for another recreation, trying my best to get as close to Yoko Shimomura’s original version.

For the first time, I did a screencast so you can see what I did and how my arrangement is put together. So here it is: my recreation of FINAL FANTASY XV’s ‘Apocalypsis Noctis’:

Please feel free to let me know what you think about my cover version! What do you like? What would you have done different? Tell me in the comments!

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