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Red Room Audio releases Sounds From Hell

sounds from hell red room audio

Red Room Audio just released a brand-new sound design series called Sounds From Hell! Sounds From Hell is a multi-chapter product series for Kontakt, which is geared towards composers who want to spice up their productions with gripping horror, suspense, sci-fi, and action sound design.

The series is split into two volumes, Hits & Transitions as well as Ambience & Underscore which are sold individually. Together they feature almost 1,500 state-of-the-art sound design elements created by a worldwide team of 10 professional sound designers. I was fortunate enough to be one of them and had the pleasure to contribute over 100 custom sound effects to this amazing project.

In the following short article, I will give you a quick overview of what Red Room Audio’s Sounds From Hell brings to the table and can add to a horror composer’s sound palette.


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Sounds From Hell by Red Room Audio (Official Trailer)


  • 11 categories of thrilling sound effects & atmospheres
  • Custom GUI with many modulation & processing options
  • Dedicated Rhythm Sequencer
  • 8-slot FX rack
  • Drag-and-droppable .WAV files for all samples
  • A collaboration of 10 professional sound designers from all around the world


Sounds From Hell comes in two so-called chapters, which focus on different sound design categories. The first one, Hits & Transitions provides you with 917 hard-hitting sound design elements ranging from impacts, booms, whooshes, and reverses, to tonal effects like braams, downers, and risers. Ambience & Underscore, the second chapter of Sounds From Hell, offers a collection of 580 atmospheric melodic sounds including drones, pads, pulses, and eerie soundscapes. All of the melodic content, including the braams from chapter 1, has been carefully multi-sampled across different root key positions. This provides you with full control over the key center of your sound effects and makes it easy to incorporate them into your projects.

Sounds From Hell is designed for the full version Kontakt 5.8.1 or later and requires 24 GB of free disk space (6 GB for Hits & Transitions, 18 GB for Ambience & Underscore).


Both chapters of Sounds From Hell feature a custom-built, streamlined GUI that provides you with countless options to get creative. The interface is neatly organized and easy to use, but offers a lot of control over the sounds you’re creating.

Sounds From Hell – Main GUI

Apart from a clear waveform display, high- and lowpass filters as well as envelope shaping options, the libraries come with a dedicated Rhythm Sequencer and an 8-slot global FX rack.

Sounds From Hell – Rhythm Sequencer


Both chapters of Sounds From Hell are available through the Red Room Audio online shop. Until the 1st of December, both libraries are available for a discounted price of $79 (regular price: $99).



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