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Revolt Production Music releases Juggernaut’s Wrath 2

Revolt Production Music just recently provided fresh food for all epic & trailer music junkies with their public release of Juggernaut’s Wrath 2 – an epic hybrid orchestral trailer music compilation.

The album presents a blend of aggressive, glitchy industrial sounds combined with state-of-the art dramatic orchestral arrangements. Apart from dark and menacing sound design, some tracks also feature heroic choir and vocal passages.

The best part: You can listen to the full album for free on Soundcloud!

Juggernaut’s Wrath 2 features a whopping 26 tracks by a squad of international composers, including:

Alexandros Nikolaidis, Peter Jeremias, Beyond Awakening (feat. Red Moth), Artem Gribov, Vlado Hudec, Brooke Mitchell, Bryan Nguyen, Dmitriy Mityukhin, Flaviu Ciocan, Márton Horváth, Irving Victoria, Julian Lee, Kyle Booth, Martin Cap, Sergey Azbel, Tihomir Hristozov and Vedran Kapetinic.

“My track ‘No Man’s Land’ was initially created as a heavy melodic orchestral piece, and evolved later on through the experimentation of hybrid elements, to create the piece that exists now. It was a real pleasure creating this track for Revolt Production Music, I hope everyone enjoys it”.

  • Kyle Booth on Juggernaut’s Wrath 2

Revolt Production Music – Juggernaut’s Wrath 2 on Soundcloud:

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Juggernaut’s wrath is published via SPM Music Group. For licensing inquires contact

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