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Orchestral Tools Announces Metropolis Ark 2

orchestral tools metropolis ark 2

Today, German sample library developer Orchestral Tools announced a sequel to their critically acclaimed monumental orchestral library Metropolis Ark 1.

The Metropolis Ark series is a cinematic collection of orchestral instruments, choir and electric guitars, all geared towards a bold and epic trailer sound. The library was recorded in Berlin’s iconic Teldex Scoring Stage and features only the most intense dynamics possible.

Now with the announcement of Metropolis Ark 2, Orchestral Tools released a product teaser that leaves much room for interpretation.

Orchestral Tools – Metropolis Ark 2 Teaser


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If you’ve seen the original trailer for Metropolis Ark 1, you may recall that the visual scenery of the animation was centered on stately skyscrapers with the imaginery camera climbing up the facades.

In the teaser for Orchestral Tools’ second rendition of Metropolis Ark however, we’re taken down below the classy buildings and led into some sort of urban underworld. This seems to reflect the sonic route, Orchestral Tools is taking with Metropolis Ark 2.

“Low Dynamic Epicness” is a slogan that can be found on one of the early promo pictures of Metropolis Ark 2. Having a good listen to the teaser’s underscore hints that the library will cover the brooding, quieter end of orchestral colors, complementing the first edition perfectly. Although it seems like we can expect the range of Metropolis Ark 2’s instruments to be in the low to medium dynamics, the overall sound will probably still be noble and grandiose – given the audio demo for the teaser is done with a pre-release version of the upcoming library.

Low Dynamic Epicness

orchestral tools metropolis ark 2 teaser

Remembering the hype that flared up across composers (including myself) when Metropolis Ark 1 was released, I’m sure plenty of people working in the trailer, film and games music business will be extremely excited for this new release.

No matter what, you can be sure that I’ll investigate this new product further and provide you with all the important news on the release of Metropolis Ark 2.

What do you think? Are you as excited as me about Orchestral Tools’ announcement? What are your experiences with Metropolis Ark 1? Let me know in the comments!

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