Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle On Sale!

embertone intimate solo strings deal

AudioPluginDeals just launched a massive new deal campaign on the Embertone INTIMATE SOLO STRINGS BUNDLE. For just $199.00, you’ll get the whole range of Embertone’s critically acclaimed solo string libraries including Friedlander Violin, Fischer Viola, Blakus Cello and Leonid Bass. That’s a staggering 60% discount on the bundle’s original $500.00 value!

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Below, you’ll find an overview of all the four solo string libraries included in AudioPluginDeals‘ Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle deal.



embertone friedlander violin header

Friedlander Violin is a meticulously sampled solo violin instrument with a beautiful tone, performed by concert master and first violinist of the North Carolina Symphonic Orchestra, Dovid Friedlander. With over 4,000 samples recorded, true legato and portamento, Friedlander Violin delivers an authentic sound and a dynamic playing experience. A key feature of the library is its full control over the violin’s vibrato, ranging from absolutely no vibrato to a molto vibrato performance. By recording the instrument without any vibrato, Embertone gives the user the opportunity to craft their own, expressive and authentic performances. Friedlander Violin is now part of the Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle.

Friedlander Violin Audio Demos

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Fischer Viola is an authentic solo viola for Kontakt Player featuring an incredible depth of sound, a warm, rich low range and singing, fragile highs. With thorough articulation options like true legato & portamento programming, con sordino, sul ponticello and pizzicatos, Embertone provides the user with full control over expression, more simplicity, and a breathtaking dynamic range. Fischer Viola was recorded with over 6,000 samples and an impressive dynamic range that lets you perform convincing and vivid viola lines.

Fischer Viola Overview


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embertone blakus cello header

For many composers, the cello is one of their favorite instruments in the orchestra. It has an unbelievably wide emotional range, from sinister and biting to sweet and lyrical. In cooperation with Blake Robinson, Australian composer/cellist extraordinaire, Embertone developed Blakus Cello. The result is a huge set of over 6,000 samples: expressive sustains, visceral harsh attacks, pizzicatos, tremolos… along with a carefully prepared model for sul ponticello and con sordino with scripted legato. This cello will add an expressive edge to your music – and hopefully, add a bit of joy to your music-making life.

Blakus Cello Audio Demos

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embertone leonid bass header

Leonid Bass is a deeply sampled version of an amazing upright bass (made in Italy in the 1700’s), played by the accomplished bassist Leonid Finkelshteyn. As the 4th release in the Intimate Solo String series, Leonid Bass builds from the work from Friedlander Violin, Blakus Cello and Fischer Viola. Embertone sampled Leonid with an unparalleled depth and precision  capturing even more detail and articulation content than in past releases.

One of the most exciting things about this bass is the richness and clarity in the sound of the concert bass. It manages not to get boomy and hazy down in the deepest range and features a lovely high register, including a set of harmonics that you don’t want to miss.

A super impressive low range will heighten the expressivity of your music, and the comprehensive set of articulations, dynamics and legato transitions will help you perform realistic and lively contrabass melodies.

Leonid Bass Overview


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Starting from February 9th, you can get the whole Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle for just $199.00 instead of its regular price of $500.00 via AudioPluginDeals. This huge 60% discount is time-sensitive and will only stay for two weeks, so if you’re looking to add some authentic solo string flavors to your composition palette – now is the time!

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