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Musical Sampling Releases Trailer Brass


Sample library developer Musical Sampling, known for creating great sounding and easy-to-use orchestral libraries recently released Trailer Brass – a virtual instrument produced with an epic, cinematic sound in mind.

As the name suggests, Trailer Brass is designed for the use in modern, big and bold trailer music and hybrid orchestral cues. Recorded in three different groups – a ten-horn ensemble, a ten-trombone ensemble and a three-cimbasso/three-tuba ensemble – Trailer Brass strives for delivering the wall-of-brass type of sound you’re used to hear in recent action movie advertising campaigns.

Besides recording everything every section in a big concert hall with three mic postions, Musical Sampling tried to capture even the loudest dynamics possible and even processed some of the patches to sound even more aggressive.

Trailer Brass Interface

Additional to the actual brass patches, the developers included 11 sound design patches made from processed recordings of the original brass instruments. These include typical trailer music elements like impacts, pads, braaams, synth basses and rhythmic drones.

As with their previous releases Soaring Strings and Adventure Brass, Musical Sampling put effort into making the instruments as easily playable as possible. The simple and neat interface offers only few controls while doing all the hard work under the hood, so the composer can focus on playing instead of tweaking. A smart programming allows for playing both legato lines and accentuated staccato passages with just one patch. This makes for an awesome way to get tracks layed down very quickly.

Trailer Brass is available with an introductory price of $199.00 which will raise to $249.00 starting Nov 28th.

Trailer Brass Walkthrough


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