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Orchestral Tools launches Free SINEfactory

orchestral tools sinefactory

Orchestral Tools just launched a brand-new, free instrument subscription service called SINEfactory. The goal behind SINEfactory is to provide users with free, unique & custom-built instruments for Orchestral Tools’ own sampler engine SINE.


At launch, SINEfactory already includes the following three dedicated sample libraries, with more material to come in the following months:

  • Ratio – Grand Piano
  • Gearbox – Studio Percussion Toolkit
  • Helix – A Simple String Ensemble

By subscribing to SINEfactory, users gain free access to all three products and will be informed via email whenever a new sample collection is added to the catalog. According to Orchestral Tools, the service is, and will always be, completely free.


In contrast to processing outtakes and stripped-down versions of larger products into free products, SINEfactory collections provide completely fresh and new instruments in their own right.

This way, aspiring composers and producers can effectively stock up their library with essential sounds for free. Although the instruments are free, they are meticulously recorded and work equally well as cue starters and sketching tools.

Let’s have a quick look at what the first three instrument collections for SINEfactor got to offer!


Orchestral Tools – SINEfactory Ratio

Ratio is a characterful Steinway B grand piano with deep lows and smooth mids, recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, CA. Its sound is particularly suited to soundtracks, pop, rock, ballads, but also works well in most other contexts.

The piano that was sampled for Ratio can be heard on records of legendary artists such as Earth Wind And Fire, Stevie Nicks, and Prince, as well as various contemporary artists.


Orchestral Tools – SINEfactory Gearbox

Gearbox is a lively studio percussion set. Rather than just replicating a regular drumkit, Gearbox offers a versatile collection of instruments such as bass drums, congas, udu, tambourines, and shakers, plus a selection of body percussion, claps, and finger clicks. The collection was expertly played and performed by multi-instrumentalist Aaron Williams and, like Ratio, was recorded in Studio III at LA’s Sunset Sound studios.


Orchestral Tools – SINEfactory Helix

Helix is a basic string ensemble with a full, expressive sound. Taken from the acclaimed Berlin Series, Helix offers playable sustains and spiccatos. Combining solo violins with violas, celli, and basses, Helix offers a detailed and nuanced sound that adds an organic accompaniment to productions of all styles and genres.


SINEfactory is available as a free subscription service through the SINEfactory website. After signing up and downloading SINE, the first three instrument collections will automatically be available in the SINE Player. Subscribers will receive further SINEfactory instruments as they’re released over the course of 2021 and beyond.

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