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Spitfire Audio launches AIR Studios Reverb

spitfire audio air studios reverb

In an exciting development for music producers and composers worldwide, Spitfire Audio just released their latest innovation in sound engineering—the AIR Studios Reverb plugin. This groundbreaking tool is the result of a unique collaboration with London’s legendary AIR Studios. For the first time, AIR Studios has granted permission to sample the famed acoustics of its historic recording hall, making this project particularly special. Set to launch on May 16, 2024, the AIR Studios Reverb promises to revolutionize the way composers create and manipulate space in their DAWs.

For the first time ever, the revered acoustics of AIR Studios, which have hosted recordings from icons like Adele and Hans Zimmer, have been meticulously sampled for an effects plugin. This marks a significant milestone, as AIR Studios opens its sonic signature to producers everywhere through Spitfire Audio’s pioneering technology. After two years of intensive research and development, the AIR Studios Reverb plugin offers an unprecedented ability to manipulate sound environments within a virtual version of AIR Studios itself. Utilizing over 67,000 impulse responses, the plugin captures the acoustic essence of this storied space with unparalleled precision.

AIR Lyndhurst Hall (Photo by Spitfire Audio)

Here are some key features of the new AIR Studios Reverb at a glance:

  • Choose the position anywhere in The Hall, with proprietary Virtual Positioning Technology
  • Ability to adjust the virtual source radiation
  • Select and mix between eight different stereo mic signals
  • Configurable hall settings, including Canopy Height, Canopy Material, and Gallery Damping
  • Ability to flip the direction of virtual performers and mic setups to match two key uses of The Hall
  • Fine-tuning options for adjusting source characteristics and mic signals
  • Comprehensive signal control with input signal filtering, Direct, Early Reflections & Tail level
    adjustments, and graphical EQ
  • Extensive preset library catering to various instruments, moods, and setups
  • Download size: ~10GB


AIR Studios Reverb’s core innovation lies in its Virtual Positioning Technology, allowing users to place sound sources anywhere within the virtual space of AIR Studios. This technology provides an immersive experience as if the user were physically moving instruments around in the iconic studio.

At the heart of AIR Studios Reverb’s realism is a comprehensive set of so-called impulse responses. Impulse responses are audio recordings used to capture the unique acoustic characteristics of a space, such as its reverberation and echo patterns. Through impulse response technology, Spitfire Audio was able to record and replicate the studio’s unique response to sound, based on the precise location of the audio source within the space. With over 67,000 recorded responses, users have access to a level of detail and authenticity that surpasses many other reverb plugins currently on the market.

The plugin offers an array of adjustable settings, including canopy height, material choices, and gallery damping. These settings allow composers to tailor the acoustics precisely to their artistic vision, whether they are aiming for a lush orchestral sound or a tight, intimate vocal performance.


Whether you are scoring your next cinematic masterpiece or producing a chart-topping pop song, the AIR Studios Reverb promises to adapt to any musical style. The plugin’s flexibility and depth of control is designed to enable creators to shape their sound environment with the same nuances that have made AIR Studios a preferred location for top artists and composers.

Designed by AIR Studios’ award-winning engineers, the plugin’s extensive preset library offers ready-to-use settings that emulate popular recording setups and artistically renowned microphone placements. These presets serve as a fantastic starting point for both novice and professional users, reducing setup time and inspiring new creative possibilities.

Users can adjust the position and orientation of an instrument in the virtual room, as well as control microphone setups, and even apply different acoustic treatments in real-time. This level of control is invaluable for fine-tuning a mix’s sense of space or experimenting with different soundscapes without ever leaving your DAW.

AIR Lyndhurst Hall Control Room (Photo by Spitfire Audio)


AIR Studios Reverb will be available starting May 16th, 2024, at 5 PM BST through the Spitfire Audio online shop. It can be seamlessly integrated into any modern DAW, providing ease of use for all music producers. Priced at £299, $349, and €349, it represents a significant investment in quality and innovation.

We look forward to checking out the AIR Studios Reverb plugin for you more in-depth in an upcoming review article!


Established in 1970 by Sir George Martin, the illustrious producer of The Beatles, AIR Studios has become a pivotal location for creating award-winning and nominated soundtracks for films and television, including works like Atonement, Phantom Thread, Interstellar, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and All Quiet on the Western Front, as well as recent productions such as Wonka, Saltburn, Maestro, The Crown, The Whale, and Stranger Things.

AIR Studios Building (Photo by Spitfire Audio)

Renowned as a hub for composers globally, AIR Studios has also welcomed a diverse range of musicians and bands for recording and mixing sessions, such as Adele, Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Little Simz, Muse, Paul McCartney, and Radiohead. Beyond recording, AIR Studios extends its expertise to mastering services and represents a talented roster of composers, producers, engineers, and mixers.