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Evenant announces Composer Master Tools

Evenant is launching an exciting new toolkit for composers called Composer Master Tools. This comprehensive collection includes over 15GB of samples, 300+ synth presets, and three masterclasses, aimed at enhancing music production efficiency and creativity. The toolkit features a wide array of sonic elements, such as impacts, whooshes, booms, risers, transitions, reverses, drum samples, tonal loops, braams, pings, atmospheres, and much more. Notably, it also includes meticulously designed Serum and Diva presets to inspire cinematic compositions.

Evenant’s Composer Master Tools are just one aspect of their comprehensive offerings. They provide extensive online courses on composition, trailer music production, music licensing, and sound design. These courses are designed to equip composers and sound designers with the skills needed to excel in their craft. Here on our blog, we have reviewed many of these courses in-depth, highlighting their value and the insights they provide.


Trailer FX, Transitions & Drum Samples

  1. Abyssal Impacts: Over 230 trailer hits and impacts, from subtle to epic.
  2. Phantom Whooshes: 100+ whooshes to add momentum and transitions.
  3. Abyssal Booms: Powerful booms and explosions for monumental weight.
  4. Phantom Risers: Over 100 risers for electronic and orchestral music.
  5. Quantum Transitions: Sub drops for various styles.
  6. Phantom Reverses: Diverse reverse sounds for smooth transitions.
  7. Apex Strikes: Drums: 700 drum loops and one-shots for multiple genres.

Tonal Loops & One Shots

  • Phantom Tonal Loops: Pulses and rhythms to maintain track momentum.
  • Horizons Signatures: Unique electronic and tonal signatures.
  • Abyssal Braams: Iconic braams with unique sonic character.
  • Quantum Pings: Cinematic tonal impacts, from piano notes to sonar transmissions.
  • Horizons Atmospheres: Textures and ambiences from real instruments.
  • Elemental Archives: A vault of unique recorded sounds.

Synth Presets

  • Serum Presets: Includes signatures, SFX, cinematic synths, pads, basses, atmospheres, and more.
  • Diva Cinematic Bundle: Over 100 patches, including pads, leads, synths, plucks, arps, rhythms, and FX.

Educational Content

  • Video Masterclasses: Guides on using the tools, building track structures, finishing tracks, and improving mixes.
  • Effect Racks & Presets: Bonus preset chains and racks for various plugins like Soundtoys Effect Rack.

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To give composers a glimpse of the quality and versatility of Composer Master Tools, Evenant is offering a free taster pack. This pack includes a selection of 140 sounds and presets from the full toolkit, allowing users to experiment and integrate these elements into their own projects. The free taster pack serves as an excellent opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of the Composer Master Tools before committing to the full purchase. It’s a valuable resource for those looking to elevate their music production with high-quality, cinematic sounds.


Composer Master Tools is designed to be a versatile and comprehensive resource for composers, providing them with a vast library of sounds and presets that can be easily integrated into their projects. Whether you’re working on trailer music, cinematic compositions, or electronic tracks, this toolkit promises to elevate your production quality and streamline your workflow. The inclusion of educational content ensures that users can fully leverage the tools at their disposal, making it easier to start new projects, develop ideas, and polish their final tracks.


For cinematic music producers, and sound designers, Evenant’s Composer Master Tools offers an unparalleled collection of resources to enhance creativity and production efficiency. With its extensive sample packs, high-quality synth presets, and comprehensive educational content, this toolkit is set to become an essential asset for modern composers aiming to push the boundaries of their music.

We look forward to checking the Composer Master Tools out more in-depth for you when it launches.

For more information and to secure your copy, visit Evenant Composer Master Tools.