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Audio Imperia Announces Decimator Drums

audio imperia decimator drums

EDIT: We reviewed Audio Imperia’s Decimator Drums on the blog!

U.S. trailer music sample library developer Audio Imperia just announced an exciting new product called DECIMATOR DRUMS – an instrument designed with film, game and trailer music composers in mind who need to inject that extra portion of percussive punch and bite into their action cues.

audio imperia decimator drums coverDecimator Drums seeks to redefine the sound of epic drum and percussion ensembles in modern trailer music by offering a very dry and direct, yet epic sounding sonic approach. According to the developers, keeping the samples dry and punchy makes the instrument a perfect fit for fast and action-packed trailer cues.

The library will offer a variety of playable drum and percussion ensembles as well as some extra loops, designed hits and FX created from the recording session’s source sounds.

Here’s a rough overview of what sections will be included in Decimator Drums:

  • Ensemble Drums
  • Designed Kits
  • Percussive Loops
  • Extra (Designed Hits & Tonal FX)

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums – Audio Demos

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To ensure a punchy and direct sound, the samples for Decimator Drums were recorded in Denmark using a close-micing approach that featured a single matched pair of AKG C414 XLII in mid/side configuration.

After giving the upcoming library a thorough test run, one of the demo writers for Decimator Drums, renowned trailer composer Danny Cocke, stated the following:

These drums sound REALLY GREAT!!! You guys got the perfect mix of the best of all the other epic percussion libraries out there. Just the right amount of punch, lows, transient attack and without fighting the room sound or having to do a shit ton of EQ like I do on the other libs. This will be one of my staples from now on for SURE. GREAT WORK!!!” – Danny Cocke

All in all, this sound like it’s going to be a thrilling new library and addition to any trailer music composer’s arsenal.

Audio Imperia‘s Decimator Drums will be out within the next two weeks. As soon as there are some new details on the product, I will add them to this post.

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