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Audio Imperia Releases JAEGER – Essential Modern Orchestra

L.A. based Trailer music sample developer Audio Imperia recently released their most comprehensive hybrid orchestral product to date: JAEGER – Essential Modern Orchestra. Focusing on creating punchy, epic music, JAEGER features a throrough collection of orchestral sections like strings, brass and percussion which are not designed to be just loud, they are designed to sound cinematic.

audio comic universe volume one
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Audio Comic Universe – Epic Music For Charity

Audio Comic Universe was formed by a network of composers and comic book lovers who came up with the idea to release compilation albums based on re-interpreting iconic superhero’s and supervillain’s sonic identities like Batman, Deadpool, Hulk, Magneto or Doctor Doom. ACU just published their very first release: Audio Comic Universe – Volume 1, featuring a total of 23 tracks from 12 different composers.