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Epic Sound Effects – QUANTUM

Sample library developer Epic Sound Effects just recently came out with their new Trailer SFX library QUANTUM. For their first release, ESE teamed up with two renowned trailer sound designers Karél Psota (Top Gun, Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man Homecoming) & Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn (Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War) to create studio-quality sounds that elevate your creativity. QUANTUM consists of 170 meticulously crafted sound effects designed to help video editors, trailer composers and sound designers turbocharge their speed of work.

ESE kindly provided us with a review copy of QUANTUM so we could check out what the library has in store.


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QUANTUM is a sample collection consisting of 170 original trailer FX samples divided up into 7 sound categories (Whoosh Hits, Drones, Whooshes, Booms, Hits, Downers & Risers). In addition to the base sound files, each sample also exists in 3 different processing variations: Dark, Distant & Aggressive. Counting in the variations, QUANTUM provides you with over 600 ready-made sounds you can instantly drag and drop into your project.

The samples of QUANTUM are presented in high-quality WAV file format and industry standard 48kHz sample rate / 16 bit resolution.


The samples for QUANTUM were created entirely from scratch, drawing on the extensive source sound collections of sound designers Joshua Crispin and Karél Psota.

from left to right: Joshua Crispin alias Generdyn; Karél Psota

Joshua, who contributed sound design to a host of Audio Imperia products also works for various trailer music houses, had his work placed in a wealth of huge motion picture and game advertising campaigns including Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Captain America Civil War, as well as game titles like Titanfall, SOMA and Battlefield 4.

Karél, also a seasoned sound designer, has previously produced the hugely successful INSTINCT Trailer SFX pack published by AVA Music Group. In the trailer music world, Karél is probably best known for his Kendrick Lamar – Humble Remix used in DC’s Shazam Trailer #1. His sound design has been used in over 40 trailers (Top Gun, Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man Homecoming, Justice League, LEGO, Detective Pikachu, etc.)

MONUMENT - Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects: EPICOMPOSER's first original sample product
MONUMENT – Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects: EPICOMPOSER’s first original sample product


QUANTUM comes with 7 categories of trailer sound effects, each of which is representing a different type of effect or application. These are the sound categories included:

  • Whoosh Hits
  • Drones
  • Whooshes
  • Booms
  • Hits
  • Downers
  • Risers

The samples sound powerful, punchy and polished across the bank and don’t need much – if any – additional processing unless it’s for creative purposes. One some sounds, where you can hear a shared source sample, it’s very interesting how various processing techniques can make the same sample sound so differently. The two sound designers found a great way to intermingle organic sound sources like door slams and explosions with digitally created sub noises and synth sounds to create a contemporary hybrid sort of feel.


In addition to developing the base sounds, the sound designers of QUANTUM created three other processing chains they sent all their samples through. Descriptively called Dark, Distant & Aggressive, each processing chain provides a unique variation of the base sound. Dark features a – well – darker variation of the sounds, with a rolled-off high end and a bit more prominent sub-bass content. According to the developers, the Dark variation suits itself well for accenting slow movement and dark imagery. The Distant category provides you with a significantly enhanced stereo width and sense of space and works very well alongside wide visuals and large cinematic moments. The Aggressive variation adds a layer of saturation and distortion to the core samples, making it the perfect fit for supporting rough action scenes and fast camera movements.

All of the variation samples can be found under the “Alts” folder of the sample pack, neatly organized into their specific sub-categories.

Video editing session using QUANTUM samples (picture kindly provided by ESE)


If you want to check out the quality of trailer sounds included in QUANTUM before purchasing, the producers at Epic Sound Effects offer a free Try Pack consisting of 14 of QUANTUM’s sound effects. The Try Pack includes a couple of royalty-free samples from each FX category which you can freely use in your own productions. The only thing you have to do in order to get access to the files is registering a free account on the ESE website.


QUANTUM turns out to be an ecxeptionally well-produced and versatile sample collection created by two of trailer music industry’s most renowned sound designers. The 7 different sound categories cover all the essential FX types you might need to beef up your trailer cues or enhance your cinematic visuals. Adding the 3 sound variation folders was a smart move of ESE as it not only offers a neat additional value but also helps producers or filmmakers to quickly adjust the tone of the base sounds to their visuals.

QUANTUM is currently on an introductory discount of $99 (regular price: $140) and is available through the Epic Sound Effects website.


In previous articles here on Epicomposer, we had the pleasure to talk to both sound designers of QUANTUM, Karél and Joshua. We had a chat about trailer sound design, licensing trailer music to big franchises and treating source sounds like Pokémon. Both guys generously provided parts of their personal collection of free Trailer SFX exclusively to Epicomposer readers. You can find the interviews and download the sample packs below:

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