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Impact Soundworks Releases MEGA BRASS

impact soundworks mega brass

American Sample instruments developer Impact Soundworks just released a hybrid orchestral brass library, specifically designed for trailer music composers: MEGA BRASS.

MEGA BRASS delivers epic, over-the-top brass sounds that were created from a blend of natural brass recordings and massive synth layers. Instead of going for expression, variation and a wealth of articulations, Impact Soundworks focused on the sound, trailer music composers probably use the most: a colossal wall of brass.

MEGA BRASS Audio Demos

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The library is geared towards ease of use and quick results, providing you with only the most important controls to create an epic hybrid brass sound. Take the natural base brass, and add up to 9 different synth layers to spice up and intensify your overall sound. Using the big knob in the middle of the interface lets you add another layer of ‘epicness’ by processing your hybrid brass sound with saturation, EQ and an enhanced stereo width.

impact soundworks mega brass interface

With MEGA BRASS, Impact Soundworks provides you with an easy and powerful tool to create that epic, hybrid brass tone you hear in Hollywood trailer music all the time. MEGA BRASS is perfectly suited for the use in epic and trailer music, but also works great as a secret weapon for any EDM and Rock mix.

MEGA BRASS Walkthrough


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MEGA BRASS is currently available for $49.00 only and comes free with any purchase above $99.00 from the Impact Soundworks shop.

Very excited to try this nifty library out in my future trailer cues!

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