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Abbey Road One Templates Updated!

Our popular scoring templates for Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road One just got bigger and better! To answer our community’s many requests, we added all the new instrument patches of Spitfire Audio’s expansion packs to our templates.

Since the first release of our comprehensive Abbey Road One scoring template, Spitfire Audio published five expansion packs for the Abbey Road One range: Sparkling Woodwinds, Legendary Low Strings, Epic Brass, Wondrous Flutes, and Vibrant Reeds. We went ahead and added each and every instrument and articulation of the available expansions so you can finally use them in your template.

Our updated Abbey Road One template now features:

  • 5 new instruments
  • 34 new articulations
  • new custom-made expression maps / articulation maps
  • full integration into existing routing and bus structure


Our Spitfire Audio – Abbey Road One template for Logic Pro X, Cubase Pro, and Studio One features a meticulously constructed project template that is designed for instant composing. All of the instruments that come with the Abbey Road One core sample library and its expansions are pre-loaded, color-coded, and neatly structured into instrument folders. Each and every track, group, and effect send is pre-routed so you don’t have to waste any time preparing your project.

The Abbey Road One template is optimized for an easy stem export and allows you to quickly render your mixes and stems with just a few clicks.

Apart from Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road One VST plugin, the template only uses stock plugins so you’re able to easily open the project file regardless of which third-party plugins you own. This approach also allows you to quickly replace the stock plugins with the processors of your choice.


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